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Online advertising, also known as search engine advertising or PPC allows you to get your message to relevant users and enable them to become familiar with the product or service.

PPC – Pay Per Click means the advertiser pays only for ads that were clicked on. PPC is the easiest way, in the most short time, to convert money spent on advertising to income. The response of Online advertising immediate, users interested in you service or product fills contact information, becoming a lead, and you can contact them to provide additional information and convert them to customers.

Organic SEO is vital to your website. Without ongoing SEO activity search engine robots that craw the web will not see you updated content and your website might not be found in the search results. However, PPC advancement let’s you see immediate results both in placements and conversions.

 Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising allows you to reach your potential customer in the exact time that they are interested in your product or service.

PPC just like SEO is based on the keywords. Advertisers choose keywords and offer bids. Ad content and their relevance to the keywords are factors that affect the placement in the search results. Ranking the relevance of your ad, keyword or landing page us measured in Quality Score.

PPC on search engines, targeting the right audience with the right keywords, Landing page and ads requires skills and knowledge, therefore recommended to do with a professional agency.

Professional search engine advertising is very effective in both branding and sales. Online marketing professionals will be able to maximize your budget and turn it to quality leads.

Advertising with Google Adwords

Google search results divided into two: Organic and paid promotion (PPC – Pay Per Click).

People search Google for keywords and keywords phrases are exposed and click on paid ads and the advertiser will pay each time the customer will clicking on the ad.

One of the biggest advantages of Advertising with Google Adwords is the immediate exposure – impressions.  PPC ads will start working a few minutes after an advertiser upload them, in contrast to the long time Organic exposure takes.

Advertising with Google Adwords will let the advertiser know the amount spent, and help him decide whether to increase or decrease campaign budget. Control your expenses can be critical for many businesses.

Google Adwords provides a lot of information about the campaigns, ad groups, and ads so the professional advertiser can know which campaign convert better and spend the budget money on the quality traffic.

Because of the popularity of Google Adwords advertisement the competition is high hence the cost per click. Many business owners try their best in managing Google Adwords campaigns without the help of a professional company that specializes in Internet Marketing, and pay dearly.

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Advertising on Facebook and other Social Media networks

Advertising with PPC is also available on the leading Social Media networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Advertising on Social Media Networks allows you to increase the visibility of your website or business, brand, product or service and to reach targeted audience.

Just like Advertising with Google Adwords, the initial advertising amounts are low and suitable for any business, but it is easy to spend your online advertising budget on low converting and not optimized campaigns.

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