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Services We Offer


SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Online advertising, also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), search engine advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click) allows you to get your message to relevant users and enable them to become familiar with the product or service.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO – Search Engine Optimization is beneficial to any website in many ways and will increase your website traffic and visibility hence your revenue.


SMM – Social Media Marketing

Millions of users post share and like content every day with a click, making Social Media Marketing available for every business.
The big advantage in Social Media Marketing is the ability to target clients according to age, gender, interests etc.


Web Development

As a business owner, you know your website should be much more than business card.
Your website should be your Internet Marketing tool that will bring you customers and money.


Web Maintenance

Regularly checking and maintaining your website to keep it updated is critical to your online presence.
Technology keeps developing, and your website will need the updates to continue working smoothly.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct approach to your customer via email. Such email will carry marketing quote, products reviewing, services, advertising, a periodic newsletter or useful information to the customer.


Monetize Consulting

When you have the ability to produce content, shoot to the hottest topics and bring your own specific agenda, users want to read.

We can help you build a community that will empower your business, target the right audience, reach quality customers, generate meaningful leads and convert it all to revenue streams. We offer Social Media Strategy planning, consultation, development and execution.

Audience Persona

Make sure that you are generating targeted leads

Audience Persona

Your product/service can be the greatest, but if you try to sell it to the wrong audience, your campaigns will fail.
Use our Audience Persona Tool and Know your audience

Marketing Funnel

How a random person moves through the process and becomes a paying customer

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel is one of the tools that can help us build and establish a business marketing activity.
Use our Marketing Funnel in practice to know how to turn leads to clients

Ads Budget Calculator

Google search network paid advertising calculator

Google ads Budget Calculator

Are you advertising on Google search network? You can check how many leads/conversions will you generate from your paid campaigns
Use our Google ads Budget Calculator




Your website should be your Internet Marketing tool
that brings customers and money.
Make it happen. Contact us today
and let’s discuss your unique business online needs and goals.


Use traditional and innovative Online Marketing methods to target quality audience and bring them to you Website and Social Media profiles.

Get Targeted

lead2Use the most effective Internet Marketing tools to help you maximize your lead generation from your Website and Social Media properties.

Increase Your
Conversion Rates

Learn to improve your tracking.  Track to increase your organic website SEO and SEM both in search engines and Social Media channels conversion rates.

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