SEO – Search Engine Optimization is beneficial to any website in many ways and will increase your website traffic and visibility hence your revenue. The difference between business success and failure can lay on reaching the first places in Google search and getting the targeted quality leads before the competition

SEO, which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is the optimization, customization and improvement of a website so that it is best adapted to the search engines algorithm.

You can promote your website organically, meaning via natural results, without paying for ads on Google and other search engines. Your website will appear when someone searches a product/service like yours based on keywords.

Search Visibility

New Clients

Revenue Growth


~90% of searches made on desktops are done via Google. Those are your potential customers and clients and they are looking online for services/products of businesses just like yours.

The search engine optimization process, also known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization includes all the steps and methods you need to do to improve your website visibility on search engines, especially on Google.

Organic Search Results

We can divide Google search results pages into two sections, the first and last 3-4 results in each page are ads (the ads have a small icon with the sign AD). All the other search results ranked organically, apparently naturally, according to their relevance to the user’s search query.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. algorithm determine the organic position by considering the content of the website, its quality, its age, external links to the website and many other parameters.

Organic search results include Web pages, images, videos and local businesses.

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO includes making all the necessary improvements in the structure of the website, content, code, loading speed and other processes.

The order in which the sites appear in the organic search results is determined by many parameters.

The order of sites’ appearance in the organic search results is determined by many parameters. Google’s algorithms analyze the site, calculate the parameters and criteria, then rank it and decide where it will be placed in the search results for each search term/keyword.

Google repeatedly emphasis the content quality on the site in order to provide searchers with the best content for them.

Unlike ads promotion, organic SEO is free on Google (or Bing, Yahoo etc.) search engine.

SEO is a work in progress. It can be time-consuming and might be harmful if not done by professionals.

Why do we need SEO?

Websites receive traffic from many sources like sponsored campaigns, social networks and so on, but the Google search results pages are still the main source of information for most Internet users.

Studies show that there is a correlation between higher locations in the search results and large traffic volumes to the website.

Moreover, incoming traffic from search engines is considered warm leads as they are targeted traffic. When visitors’ search query and website content match, potential leads that can be converted to customers.

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    Advantages of SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is the basis of all internet marketing and perhaps marketing in general. Here are the main advantages of SEO.

      Huge potential – With the number of people searching the web for services/products just like yours, the chances some will be exposed to your website is huge.

      Quality leads – Traffic from search results is considered warm leads, meaning people who know about the service/product and is already looking for it. SEO will help your site be visible to these potential clients.

      Generates more leads – SEO will help you rank higher on the search result with your business’s high-value keywords. Meaning your business will appear to your target audience, that matters most to you.

      Compete with your competitors  – Your competitors are using SEO. You need to be there too.

      Build trust  – People trust Google to give them the best search results. Therefore if you rank high it means you are probably a good business.

      Cheapest marketing strategy – SEO is a long-lasting strategy. You will need fewer SEM campaigns.

      Cost-effective  – SEO targets the people that actively search for your service/product.

    Local SEO and its benefits

    If you are a local business, local SEO is essential for your business.
    Taking steps to rank higher in your local area and get more local clients at the exact time they’re looking for your service/product online.

    Local search queries, which include location or “near me”, will trigger different results from different places. If Google determines the search was for a local business, the result page will show Google Maps with three business listings.

    Ranking on local search has three main elements:

    • Proximity – measuring how close is your business to the searcher location
    • Relevance – measuring how relevant are your services/products to the search query
    • Credibility – measuring what other clients say about your business (reviews)

      Increase in quality traffic – Most people look for local businesses. Local SEO will drive more quality traffic to your website.

      Highest conversion – Local search results dominate the first page. This fact leads to better converting traffic to real clients.

      Most local SEO is free- At least the basic listing is, for now.

      Reputation – Most people read and trust the reviews. Having good reviews is a major factor in attracting new customers.

    Increase Your Visibility

    Search Engine Optimization Process

    SEO Vs. SEM

    The short answer is to look at it like short term investment (SEM – Search Engine Marketing) and long term investment (SEO – Search Engine Optimization).

    With SEM  the ROI (Return-on-Investment) is instant, but you pay per click and if your budget is gone so does your exposure and traffic.
    With SEO the ROI takes a long time, but when it does you are enjoying conversions without paying for clicks.

    If the budget allows, you should combine both SEO and SEM.

    Apart from time, long versus short, there are other considerations for choosing the most effective Digital Marketing strategy.
    Small businesses may want to invest in SEO first, to optimize their website while more established businesses (financially), may prefer to receive immediate leads via SEM.

    The choice between SEO and SEM depends on the characteristics of your brand, website, goals and target audience.
    When coming to choose in which channel to invest and what portion of the budget, we suggest you consider:

    • Current visibility of the website on search engines
    • Your business goals, website goals
    • Current traffic sources
    • Your business Marketing Funnel

    The importance of using a professional digital marketing agency

    In order to enjoy all the benefits that SEO, you will probably have to use the services of a skilled and experienced professional in the digital marketing field.

    An experienced, knowledgeable professional Digital Marketer Agency will have in-depth knowledge of both websites and Google’s policies. They will be able to translate your requirements and needs and make sure that your website meets all of these while ranking better on search engines.

    There is no doubt that choosing a professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) manager is the first and significant step on the way to an effective and quality digital marketing strategy.

    Let us help you focus on your business. No automation. No lock-in contacts.

    Our agency specialized in building and optimizing websites to rank better on Google and other search engines since 2012. We will help you from the first step of setting the goals, through selecting keywords based on popular keyword analysis, developing a converted website tailored to your business requirements and needs.

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    We are a certified Google partner

    While we are a certified Google partner, our SEO services are not verified or endorsed by Google.

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      Want to know how you’ll appear in the search results?

      Your website appears on Google search results page with the title and meta description.

      Use our Google On-Page SEO Text Template to check and modify your title and description.

      On-Page SEO Text Template

      Website appearance on Google search result

      SEO – Search Engine Optimization FAQs

      Depending on your business area, SEO – Search Engine Optimization can take from 2 months to years.  In very competitive industries, it might take longer or be even impossible.

      Having said that, it will depend on the aggressiveness of the marketing efforts.

      Of course… not!

      SEO is one of the most important parts of any Digital Marketing strategy.  Your client and future clients spend a lot of time searching the web, your website should rank better than your competitors and bring you traffic that converts.

      Investing in SEO means investing for the long run.


      You are probably not surprised, although this is probably not the answer you wanted to hear.

      SEO is not accurate science and because of that, it is impossible to commit. If a company tells you they can get your website to the first page quickly, reconsider if you want to work with them.

      We are committed to working completely in transparency and making all the necessary efforts to promote your site.

      It’s a complicated question with a complicated answer: depends.

      Depends on so many factors such as:

      • The website’s seniority
      • Promotion history
      • Your competitors and what they do for SEO
      • The level of competition in the industry
      • Your budget

      There will be keywords we will manage to rank in months, and some, unfortunately, in years.
      But again, it is not possible to commit to an exact period of time.

      SEO is not a shelf product with a pre-determined price. Each site, in each industry, with the competitors and their SEO, will carry a different prices. More than that, each digital marketing agency will vary in price.

      We suggest you not to be tempted by cheap offers, as these are probably amateurs who may do more harm than good (unfortunately search engine like Google can punish websites and disappear them from the search results).

      Just to estimate, prices for SEO will range between $400 – $1,000 a month, certain areas that are even more.

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