No matter what you call it, Audience Persona, Marketing Persona, Customer Avatar or Buyer Persona, you need to know who are you selling to.
Your product or service can be the best,
but if you try to sell to the wrong audience,
your campaigns (organic or paid) will fail.

One of the main things you need to do as a business owner is to know your audience. You will need this especially if you do SEO, SMM or start leads/sales paid campaigns.

To ensure that you are generating targeted leads, you’ll need to deliver your content and campaigns to the right people. The recommendation is to build 3-5 different buyer personas. Later you can use the 80%-20% rule to identify the 20% targeted audience that can generate 80% of your company’s revenue.

Already know how to build an Audience Persona?

What Is a Buyer Persona / Audience Persona?

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal targeted customer, drawn from detailed audience research.

The Persona will help you:

  • Understand who your buyers are (demographic, behaviour Patterns, motivations, goals, values)
  • Where they hang out online
  • What are their needs regarding your produce/service
  • How to address your different potential clients groups (that will buy your service/product for different reasons)
  • How to tailor content and campaigns to answer customer-specific needs
  • Determine what kind of content and Ad Creative you need
  • How to build an effective communication and sales strategy
  • Minimize your workload as you focus on the right audience at a time
  • Increase marketing ROI (Return on Investment)

How to gather information for Buyer Persona?

There are many ways to conduct audience research.

  • Talk to your clients
  • Make a survey
  • Search the web
  • Research Social Media
  • Read market reports
  • Read competitors blogs

Learn Your Audience

Want to jump right into it?

Buyer Persona Research Checklist


  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Race
  5. Language
  6. Family status
  7. Children (yes/no, ages)
  8. The country they were born
  9. Location (city/suburban)
  10. Education level
  11. Household income
  12. Homeowner / renter
  13. Type of mobile device they own


  1. Industry
  2. Occupation
  3. Job Title/ Job level
  4. Job responsibilities
  5. Salary
  6. Size of company
  7. Years of experience
  8. Years in the current job
  9. Professional background
  10. Accomplishments
  11. What can be considered as success in the position
  12. Special skills needed for the position
  13. Tools required for their position
  14. To whom do they report / who reports to them
  15. Job frustrations
  16. Job enjoyments
  17. Visiting industry events/conferences

  Typical day

  1. The typical workday of your buyer persona
  2. The time they spend at work vs. time at home
  3. Things they do for fun
  4. Hobbies
  5. Type of vehicle they own
  6. Computer literacy and abilities
  7. Blogs, news and social media pay attention to


  1. Primary goal
  2. Other goals they have
  3. Steps they take in achieving those goals
  4. Bucket list


  1. The biggest challenge (the one preventing the main goal)
  2. Other challenges
  3. Things they have done in the past to conquer the challenges
  4. Looking at the past, what could they have done differently

  Decision Maker related to your product/service

  1. Others involved in the buying process
  2. Others that consult or advise your persona

  Values/fears associated with the product/service

  1. Primary values
  2. Common fears they have related to your product/service
  3. What makes them nervous when purchasing your product/service
  4. What makes them angry when purchasing a product/service like yours

  Product/service specific questions

  1. Why do they need your product/service
  2. The benefits they can get from your product/service (compare it to similar products in the market)
  3. Why would they choose to buy from you?
  4. How do they research for new product/service like yours
  5. What questions do they ask before buying your kind of product (Is it priced fair?, do I need it?, can I afford it? are there any better similar products? is it a trusted company? what is the return policy?
  6. How can they find your business?
  7. Is it important for them to get good deals?
  8. How do they prefer to interact during the buying process of a product like yours?
  9. The worst customer experience they had while buying something similar
  10. Can they be repeating customers
  11. How do they like to pay for a product/service like yours?

Next step: build your business Audience Persona

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