A business owner aspiring to have an online presence that will bring leads and clients from a targeted audience, should start by having a website.

Website building is a very dynamic and constantly changing field.

Your website should be much more than business card. It’s a Digital Marketing tool that will bring more customers and increase revenue.

A well-built website will speak to your customers, improve the service experience, make information accessible and help a potential customer choose your business.





A website is a digital asset for business owners. It will give information about the nature of the business but its main purpose is to bring leads (via form submission, phones or emails), sell products, and increase profit.

A website will also allow you to characterize, measure and diagnose your target audience. It will help you understand and build your audience persona.

Not like other online properties that are run by big companies (like Facebook, Instagram etc.), a website is in your own hands.

Why should you have a website

If you don’t have a website that represents your business, you should start building one today. Investing the time and budget on a quality website will benefit your business in a number of ways.

Your business website is also:

  • Your detailed online business card
  • Increase the volume of business exposure
  • Communication with existing customers and clients
  • A platform to bring new customers
  • A way to share information
  • A way to create credibility
  • Rank on search engines above your competitors

Developing a website for your business costs money but it is a one-time investment. Within a month your business can be online, and with SEO you can also start receiving traffic, getting leads and cover the expense.

People check online when they consider hiring the services of a professional or purchasing something from a store. Your business card is not complete without a business website.

A business website provides so many benefits from branding to purchase. Today it’s a serious measure of the very existence of a business.

Why shouldn’t you build a website by yourself

There are many reasons not to built a website on your own.

Expertise. Your website should represent your business. It should be effective, meaningful and a real tool for the business.
A knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency will help you get a real benefit from the website. Chances are that if you built it yourself it will not bring real benefit. Stay an expert in your field and let online experts develop the website.

Time. The duration of setting up a website can be short and effective when there is a professional who knows what he is doing. When you do not know it can go on and on…

Impression. Developing a website seems simple but a DIY looks like a DIY. You want to impress your clients. People will check more than one website and if your website is an amateur site, it will affect their decision.

Price. Free platforms to build websites are great for individuals, not for businesses. Today the costs of developing a website are not expensive.
It is definitely not expensive to request a quote. Before you build a website on your own, ask us for a quote.

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    Which website is right for your business

    So you decided to build a website? Excellent!
    Now you must be wondering which site is right for you. Chances are that building a business website fits your needs but in any case, you should consult a professional to help make a wise decision. After all your new website will serve you for years until you build a new one.

    There is a wide variety of website types:

      Business website – This kind of website is suitable for 80% of businesses.
    A business website is the company’s identity card and usually contains services pages, about page, contact page and sometimes also a blog.
    A business website is an excellent platform to provide clients, both existing and potential, with information about the business services, answer frequently asked questions, provide testimonials and encourage visitors to contact you quickly.

      eCommerce website- This kind of website is simply an online store.
    eCommerce sites have a clear commercial intention: to sell products online, from the site. This kind of website requires a connection to online payment options, high security, clearing, a stable hosting server, etc.
    Sometimes the sale site will be the virtual branch of a physical store but sometimes it will be the whole business.
    The obvious advantage is that you can sell products directly on the website without a physical store so you can reach targeted clients in a wide area.  A clear disadvantage is the development and maintenance costs.

      Portfolio website –  This kind of website showcases the work of a professional individual or a company.
    These websites will be designed in a visual way with image galleries.
    Portfolio websites are mainly suitable for business in the visual fields like photographers, designers, architects etc.

      Educational website – An educational website is a site of which part or all of it is intended to serve as an online courses area.
    Online courses allow anyone to learn from anywhere in the world. Users of the site login to view the content of the courses they have purchased.
    The advantages of educational/courses website are the ability to reach a diverse audience, stabilize your business as an authority in the industry and generate passive income.

      Blog – This kind of website simulates a newspaper or diary and has a lot of pages.
    Such a blog can also be part of a business or eCommerce website.

      Web Portal – These are usually the largest sites. A portal will be arranged around a specific concept but serves different functions. Most will consist of reviews, price lists, forums, articles, news corner etc. Those websites are expensive due to the fact that they may require changes in structure, design and development of each page.

    Why WordPress

    WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) and current statistics say that about 40% of all websites are WordPress Websites.
    In addition, WordPress is open-sourced with a community of thousands of programmers, designers and web builders. With tens of thousands of available high-quality Plugins, the website we build can be increased in functionality.  These plugins are code snippet and most of them are free.

    All through the year thousands of different WordPress templates are added making it possible to produce beautiful websites that meet your need.

    Using WordPress we can build all types of sites, from business sites, eCommerce sites, Portfolio websites, educational websites and more.

    WordPress can be adapted to build a variety of websites depending on your business needs.
    Whether it is a Corporate, e-Commerce, Portfolio, Educational, Blog, or Multilingual website, WordPress is an ideal system to establish your Website.

    Responsive website

    You will want your website to be accessible from any device including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

    Responsive Website design means a website that automatically adapts to different screen sizes.
    In a responsive website, the elements of the site automatically suit themselves to create the optimum for the visitors’ experience, regardless of the device size.

    Website specifications

    The first step in web development is website specifications. It is  very important to understand a number of things:

      The main areas of business

      The target audience of the business

      Competitors and your business uniqueness 

      Special functions or special requirements 

      Branding (logo, colours etc.) 

      Current online properties (including Social Media) 

      Examples of websites you like 

      Technical system and hosting 

      Costs and related costs (domain, hosting, maintenance etc.) 

    Only after all this characterization can we approach the work of designing, writing content and developing your new website.

    Ready to start?

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    Website Development Process

    Web development costs

    The main question people ask is “who much will a website cost?”, does it surprise you if we will answer that there is no one answer that is correct. A website is something very individual and varies from case to case. But let’s put things in perspective and give some range:
    A simple business website with up to 10 pages will start from $2,000 and can go up to $5,000 when personal customizations are needed.
    Due to the complexity and multiplicity of systems that need to work together, an eCommerce website will start from $7,000 and most likely will cost more.

    Other costs

    You need to be aware of other costs when owning a website and these are Domain, Hosting and maintenance.
    Every website needs an address and this is the Domain name. Most of the domains will cost about $30 a year.
    A website is basically a collection of files (graphics files, scripts, code files etc.) and databases. These files and database need to physically sit on a server, this is the Hosting. Hosting prices vary depending on lots of criteria. For a small business website, hosting will be about $350-500 a year.

    It is highly recommended to get a quote for website development before attempting to build an amateur one on your own.
    You will probably receive a wide range of offers with hundreds of percent gaps and it will be difficult to compare prices and know the difference between one developer to another. So we recommend that you talk to previous clients and get reviews. Also, not less important is the personal connection and chemistry with the person who provides the actual service.

    Web Maintenance

    Regularly checking and maintaining your website to keep it updated is critical to your online presence.
    Technology keeps developing, and your website will need the updates to continue working smoothly.

    Maintaining a website comes with a price tag but it will cost more to fix a website than to maintain it.
    Unfortunately, we come across a lot of inexperienced DIY’s that have damaged a website and need to pay both in money and time to get it running.

    Why Use Web Maintenance Services

    • To help you concentrate on your business
    • To save money and time
    • To avoid potential downtime
    • To keep your website secure
    • To have “In-House” expertise that can interact with third parties like hosting services
    • To detect issues before damage

    What you get with Website Maintenance Services

    • Keeping the backend software up to date
    • Updating plugins, themes
    • Upload new content and photos
    • Check that all of the forms are running properly
    • Monthly backups of content and database so that it may be fully restored in case of loss
    • Daily monitoring to keep your websites up
    • Fix issues discovered by Google Search Console
      and more…

    How much will Web Maintenance cost

    We offer several different Monthly Website Maintenance Plans depending on your website size and functionality.
    Some websites need limited and infrequent changes, while others require more frequent updates.
    We will tailor a plan according to your website size, purpose, customization needs and current situation.
    In all cases, we will fit it into your budget.

    Let us help you focus on your business. No automation. No lock-in contacts.

    Our agency specialized in building and optimizing websites since 2012. We will help you from the first step of website specifications, through selecting the Theme, developing, hosting and launching your new effective website that is tailored to your business requirements and needs.

    We offer the whole package: strategy planning, consultation, development and execution. Contact us today.

    Need a website? You have come to the right place! Complete this short form, and we will get back to you with quality consultation, at no cost.

      Web Development FAQs

      On average, our action plan for business websites will show six to eight weeks, but the length of the project will be set by you.

      The main bottleneck is content. So the time will be affected by how quickly you can provide content (text, images) and input.

      Of course, website functionality will also play a role. The complex websites with special requirements will take longer to develop.

      Of course.

      Your new website will be fully responsive and will look great on all devices.

      As we progress in development we will review and fix the website so it will work wee on all devices.


      It’s your business. You are the expert and the website should represent it.

      We will provide ideas and steer you in the right direction but all content and images are your own.

      We can!

      We’ll provide you with an offer to on-going maintenance like we do with all of our clients.

      Monthly maintenance fees will include new content uploads, backups, software updates, Plugin and Theme updates, check-ups, daily monitoring and issues fixing.

      Contact us to learn about our different monthly Website Maintenance plans for existing and new websites.


      Our clients are all over the globe.

      Websites can be completed via phone meetings and emails. We will have regular communication and meetings.
      As an online marketing company, we work well remotely 🙂

      Need a website?

      A quality and professional website will increase the number of leads, bring new customers and improve your business revenue.

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