Email Marketing


Email marketing is a direct approach to your customer via email. Such email will carry marketing quote, products reviewing, services, advertising, a periodic newsletter or useful information to the customer. Direct and personal contact will strengthen the relationship between customer and company, increases loyalty and sense of belonging and of lead to greater profits.

The term Email Marketing includes all email ever sent to the customer, potential customer or a public list.

Email marketing is popular because it is much cheaper than other forms of advertisements, and has incredible success rates.

Most public institutions, educational institutions, and businesses that provide services and sell products use direct and personal emailing to the customer.

Email Lists

The money is in the list, but you need to use the emails list to get the money out.

You will need to know the targeted audience and even make lists out of the general Customers Email list.

If you already have email list and you do not use it, your customers might forget who you are and unsubscribe from the email list next time you will email them.

Email list consist your customers, people who already used your products or services. Not offering them new products or sending emails only at Holidays will be a waste of resources.

Your business email list should increase constantly and you should be active in doing so.

Email Marketing Price

The cost of sending email is low. Designing Email letter and sending it can be considered as low budget marketing.

The cost of a marketing campaign conducted via a company specializing in the field can cost several thousands of dollars. Of course, various additions such as design and other advertising services may add to the cost but the cost of a marketing campaign using email-marketing mailing is significantly cheaper than other media.


Despite all the above, email marketing requires skill and experience as it is not limited to clicking on ‘Send’.

Successful email marketers must include design, content, and use of analyse systems.

The legal aspect of email marketing, following recent legislation, which forbids sending “spam” or commercial “spam” should be considered.

According to the new laws, every advertiser must get prior approval from every customer to send email marketing messages.

Every marketing message sent without prior approval is spam. Email confirmation will be through the website of your business, via email, Facebook, or writing in your physical real business.

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