Landing page is a page built for an advertising campaign (mostly for Google Ads campaigns)
with one main goal – to convert.

A landing page is a single web page to which surfers “land” from various links.

Using a landing page will help improve your conversion rates when using a paid campaign.





A landing page is a page to which we direct traffic (usually from paid campaigns) from Google, Social Media or another traffic channel.

The main goal is to get the visitors to convert by any action on the web page. By converting we mean that we want visitors to leave their details, via a form submission, call, email, download a file, etc.

Why should you build a Landing Page

Most people find it difficult to differentiate between Landing Page and a website. Therefore are undecided between both, with the main dilemma being cost. The cost of developing a landing page can be a third or less of developing a website.

A landing page is a single, short page that presents a specific service. Such a page will contain a lot of CTA (Call-to-Action).

On the other hand, a website is made up of several pages about the company. It will explain in more detail about the company, the vision of the business, a list of all the services, products and many other details.

Mostly the traffic to the landing page will come from paid campaigns so it is necessary to focus the visitor on a specific product/service and there is no room for distractions that create a lack of focus and inefficiency. The main goal is for the visitor, who wants to receive more details about the service, to leave contact information, call, email or go to a purchase page.

Quality leads are people who are interested in your services/products, not only out of curiosity but out of a need to purchase them sooner or later.
Paid traffic can convert to quality leads with a focused landing page.

Landing Pages goals

Landing Pages are not just a technology tool, it is about marketing knowledge and delivering very precise messages that will allow the people to get what they were looking for on the net.

Before starting to design and develop a landing page, we will set up goals.
Landing page goals will vary from campaign to campaign. Here are some examples of Landing page goals:


  Contact information via form submission, call, email etc.


  Adding to a mailing list

  Download a PDF/coupon

  Event sign up

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    Advantages of Landing Pages

      Campaign Targeted Content – The main benefit of a landing page is clear and goal-oriented content. Whether you are collecting leads of potential customers or selling your products, the Landing Page content must be focused, clear and relevant to motivate action and conversion.

      Lead Collection/Sale – Quality professional Landing Page will convert better than any website page. It might be less informative but the message will be more focused.

      Easy to use – A high-quality Landing Page will lead visitors to the goal easily and simply. There should be a clear message and a clear path toward the goal.

      Cost and time – Landing Page simplicity of designing, without compromising on quality, significantly reduces costs and allows you to start promoting your business in a short time. Also, as it is only one page it is cheaper than a whole website.

      A high score on Google – Google prefers landing pages on Google Ads campaigns. A Landing Page will have a higher quality score, hence, better bids.

    How to build a converting Landing Page

    A Landing Page shouldn’t contain more than two main messages or a few lines about a product with the option to leave details. It’s a known fact that people have about 4-6 seconds to read the main messages and decide whether to keep scrolling or close the tab.
    Short texts, accompanied by a complementary image that carries the marketing message. This combination will make it easier to reach a high conversion rate.

    A professional landing page will have an inviting design that matches the nature of the business, graphic elements that will encourage the surfer to take action, details leaving details, purchase buttons, the option to subscribe to a mailing list etc.

    Tips for quality Landing Page:

    Formal Design – The first few seconds that the visitor is on our site will affect his decision to stay or leave. The page should convince the visitor he is facing a serious company.

    Short text – The Landing Page text has a very high significance for generating leads/sales. The text needs to summarize only the most important points that we offer. You can always provide more text in later stages via email or by phone.

    CTA (call-to-action) – Use clear CTAs like buy now, sign up, order now, download now, book now, submit a form etc.
    From entering the Landing Page to leaving the details, the process should flow and make our traffic do the action we have pre-defined as our goal.

    Images/illustrations – Whether it is a service or a product, the landing page images should be related to what you are selling.
    The logo and icons must be prominent, to give the visitor a secure feeling.

    Forms – If the goal is to receive leads via form, email or call, the placement of the form and your contact info on the page is very important. If the visitor has to scroll a lot for a contact form, they might not get there… The same goes for placing a purchase button in the most prominent place and in the largest possible way so that users can not miss it.

    The form should be as short as possible, you want the client to leave details at record speed. Therefore, without excessive mandatory fields, but only the minimum required.

    Videos – Videos that show the service/product in a tangible way and give the business owner the opportunity to talk to the visitor, will motivate to action.
    But if you have a video on a landing page, give the visitor a choice and don’t use autoplay.

    Social proof –  Testimonies and reviews are very important to prove how popular and reliable your business is.
    If possible use customer testimonials as a photo.

    Free promotions – if you have a free PDF, coupons or any other free promotions, use them on your landing page. Of course, all promotions need to be in relation to the rest of the text.

    Last but not least, a Positive atmosphere – Make the landing page a place that is comfortable for all users.
    Don’t expose the visitor to images they might not want to see. Provocative before and after images can cause the visitor to leave.
    Show a positive outcome of using your services/products.


    Landing Pages Development Process

    Landing Page costs

    As with websites, the main question people ask is “who much will a Landing Page cost?”, and again, no one answer that is correct.

    First, there are lots of free tools that can create and host a free landing page, but most likely the page quality (structure,  design and marketing message) will be low.
    To maximize the *conversion rate from the Landing Page, you will need to use a professional. The difference between a 1% conversion rate and 10% can result in hundreds of inquiries per year.

    As you expect there is a range in Landing Page cost but in general, a good converting page should cost between $600-$1,100 where a complexed page will be over $1,500 and up.

    Other costs

    Just like with websites there are other costs and most are for the hosting server. The Landing Page files and databases need to physically sit on a server. Hosting prices vary and are about $350-500 a year. Unfortunately, these costs are monthly and not one-time fees.

    We highly recommend you get a quote for Landing Page development before attempting to build an amateur one on your own.

    *Conversion rate – The percentage of all visitors who performed an action on a landing page.

    Let us help you focus on your business. No automation. No lock-in contacts.

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    Need a Landing Page? You have come to the right place! Complete this short form, and we will get back to you with quality consultation, at no cost.

      Basic structure of a high converting Landing Pages

        Main Headlines – This is where we answer two questions the user is asking: 1. Where am I? 2. What is the value here for me?
      When the user lands on your page you are dealing with the 3 seconds challenge. If the page didn’t answer these two questions in three seconds, the user will probably leave. The logo will answer the first question but the heading and subheading will need to deal with the second question. It has to be a short heading stating the problem followed by a subheading with the offer which is the solution. Strong enough headlines will make the user scroll.

        The offer explained – In this section, it is preferred you use a hero shot – a photo/video that best illustrates your product/service. Here you’ll offer the solution you are offering for the problem and how to use your offer to overcome the problem. Don’t assume anything and say everything about the solution. Feed the reader the offer while you deal with expected objections.

        Form Submission- If the main goal of the landing page is leads, add a short form for leaving contact information. Be short and ask only for the information you need.

        Benefits – In this section, you’ll show all the benefits of your offer. All benefits have to be written from the user’s point of view. This is where you keep dealing with the expected objectives and remove them one by one. At the end of this section, the reader should know what benefits they are going to get if they take what you are offering.

        About – A short about section, emphasizing why you are the best in what you do. Again, should be written from the user’s point of view and explain to the user what he is receiving when expecting an offer from you.

        Logistics – This section should answer all the questions about logistics. The process and technical details. It’s a great section to deal with some more objectives.

        Social Proof – Proof that other people use and love your service/product. It can be testimonials, positive reviews, amount of downloads, media reviews, and collaborations etc.

        CTA (call-to-action) – The page should have few places with the right CTA, that support the page’s goal.

      Need a Landing Page?

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