Advertising on Social Media, also known as SMM (Social Media Marketing), is one of the strongest Digital Marketing tools. SMM allows you to target each step of your Marketing Funnel audience, based on parameters like age, gender, area of residence, interests and so on.

Millions of users post share and like content every day with a click, making Social Media Marketing available for every business.
Offering your product or service to a precise quality audience (and their friends) makes this a powerful marketing tool.

There are many Social Media networks, and you should carefully choose which platforms to be in as not every social network is suitable for every business.





Your customers and clients are using social media every day.
Your business should be using it as a tool to engage and connect with your targeted audience. Social Media Marketing can be used for every step of the Marketing Funnel (brand awareness, interest, want, purchase), regardless of your industry.

Using social media as a marketing tool

Using social media as part of your Digital Marketing strategy is one of the most developing fields in the last decade.
Building a strategy for the proper use of the social network can be powerful and profitable for your business.
If you have zero social media presence it can be interpreted by your clients almost as if you do not exist.
Almost all social networks are suitable for marketing big businesses and small alike.
To achieve your business goals you will require skills and in-depth knowledge of the social media platforms.

Bring your brand, product or service to the social media platform where your customers are.

What can social media do for your business

Using Social Media in your marketing strategy professionally and effectively can help you reach your business goals.

Social Media Marketing can help you build awareness and loyalty for your brand, reach the relevant target audience, Increase sales volume, build a community, Strengthen SEO and even spy on your competitors.

Social Media organic and paid traffic

Most Social Media networks marketing can be divided into two: Organic and paid.

Organic means reaching the audience without paying for clicks or impressions. The main goal is to become an authority in the industry or an influencer. Organic marketing characterized by long-run results but very often uses a lot of time and resources, with little results.

Paid means paying per click or per impressions using sponsored ads. The main aim is to reach the business targeted audience that can convert quickly. This comes with the need to use a monthly budget and pay an agency to help reach campaign goals.

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    Advantages of advertising on Facebook/Instagram

    Paid advertising on Facebook/Instagram is very effective due to the fact that you can reach your potential target audience that can purchase your product/service.  The ability to control the ads and who’s exposed to them is one of Facebook’s big advantages.

      Audiences – Facebook advertising platforms allow you to focus on targeting a specific audience based on demographic segmentation or specific interests. The ability to use different audiences according to the preferences of the users can make a huge difference in reaching marketing goals.

      Range of advertising options – Facebook advertising platform has a variety of campaign purposes. You can advertise to reach traffic for your website, get more likes for your page, receive leads or even sell a product.

      Cheaper traffic – Facebook pay traffic is considered cheap. The ability to reach good results with a low budget makes it a great marketing tool for small businesses.

      Easy to use – Most ads platforms are complicated to use. Facebook’s ads systems make it easy for anyone to build a campaign using convenient step-by-step instructions.

    Facebook’s targeted audiences for advertising

    Facebook’s main advertising power lies in its ability to target audiences.
    Facebook collects every possible piece of information about its users and analyzes it. It then predicts behaviours and personal preferences.

    This information is a huge potential advantage while we seek new clients and overcome competitors.

      Core Audience – This is a targeted audience that is defined by criteria such as age, location, interest, behaviours, etc. We can use this to target broad or precise audiences.

      Custom Audience – This type of audience is mostly based on people who already visited your website and/or targeted a specific event on your website (click, contact, lead, etc).

      Lookalikes – Just like it sounds, targeting similar people to an already existing audience. This is a huge advertising potential as you are exposing your business ads to people who behave like your current customers, using all of Facebook’s information on people.

    A professional and skilled Digital Marketing agency will be able to analyze and use this information in your business marketing strategy.

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    Facebook ad campaigns Vs. Google ad Campaign

    Google and Facebook Ads campaigns hold most of the online advertising market.

    The main difference is that Google Ads acts on active search, meaning user intention and Facebook concentrates on drawing conclusions about user character and behaviour.
    This means that most likely your Google Ads campaigns will reach warmer audiences (marketing funnel wise).

    Also, Adding paid ads to your marketing strategy comes with a monthly budget spend. Small to medium businesses with a lower budget can find Facebook advertising cheaper.

    So which one is better for paid campaigns, Google or Facebook? 

    Depending on your business needs, monthly budget and the campaign’s goals.
    We strongly suggest seeking professional advice from a Digital Marketing Agency.

    Of course, the winning situation will be to use both advertising channels at the same time. Both systems have remarketing (or retargeting) options that can support each other advertisement campaigns and, fulfill your business marketing strategy.

    The importance of using a professional digital marketing agency

    Just like with SEM, Facebook paid ads system can benefit the use of a skilled and experienced professional in the digital marketing field.

    Although Facebook has step-by-step manuals and is easy to use, an experienced, knowledgeable professional Digital Marketer Agency will have in-depth knowledge of the system and audience building. They will be able to translate your requirements and needs and make sure that the campaign meets all of these. They will cleverly allocate the budget you are willing to invest, increasing your ROI.

    There is no doubt that choosing a professional PPC (Pay-Per-Click) manager is the first and significant step on the way to an effective and quality campaign.

    Let us help you focus on your business. No automation. No lock-in contacts.

    Our agency specialized in building and optimizing Facebook campaigns since 2012. We will help you from the first step of setting the goals, through selecting and defining the audiences, ad creatives and building an effective strategy tailored to your business requirements and needs.

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    Thinking of advertising on Facebook? You have come to the right place! Complete this short form, and we will get back to you with quality consultation, at no cost.

      How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

      In most Facebook campaigns you pay according to a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model based on impressions. The cost per click is determined by auction, meaning your competition is also related.

      Of course, each Facebook campaign objective will have different costs but a good ad creative that will drive high CTR (Click Through Rate), will help you pay less.

      Use our Budget Calculator to check how many leads/conversions will you generate from your paid campaigns.

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      A quality Social Media organic or paid campaign, will increase the number of leads, bring new customers and improve your business revenue.